Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Lana Asfour talks to Syrian refugees in Lebanon near the Syrian border.

In the windswept hills of the northern Bekaa valley, the normally quiet town of Aarsal is experiencing an unusual amount of activity. It is one of the remote border villages in the Jabal Younine mountain range that are seeing an influx of Syrians escaping the violence at home. They started arriving over one year ago when the unrest began, and have continued to cross the border ever since. This week, the number of refugees rose dramatically as Bashar Al Assad widened his assault on several areas. There have also been various incursions by the Syrian army into Lebanese territory, with shelling very close to local farms and houses, and occasional armed clashes between the Syrian army and opposition rebels. The most recent victim was Ali Shabaan, a Lebanese cameraman who was covering events on the border over the weekend and was killed when forty bullets hit his car, while Syria also attacked a refugee camp in Turkey.

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