Autumn 2013 Politics Department Seminar Series

Date: 9 October 2013

Speaker: Dr. Ian Cooper (Oxford University),  ‘Democratic Consolidation in Africa: the role of Presidential Succession Crises’


Date: 16 October 2013

Speaker: Dr. Kelly Kollman (University of Glasgow),  ’Deploying Europe: the Creation of Discursive Imperatives for Same-sex Unions’


Date: 23 October 2013

Speaker: Dr. Mayling Birney (LSE), ‘A Rule of Mandates:  How China Governs’


Date: 13 November 2013

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Eagleton-Pierce (SOAS), ‘Translating the Vocabulary of Neoliberalism’


Date: 20 November 2013

Speaker: Dr. Dann Naseemullah (Johns Hopkins University), ‘Indirect Rule and Political Representation: Duvergerian Dynamics in Pakistani National Elections’


Date: 27 November 2013

Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Horowitz (Dartmouth College), TBA


Date: 11 December 2013

Speaker: Dr. John Chalcraft (LSE), TBA

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