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The tip of the spear: US Special Operations Forces


The recent news of a possible shift in the operation of drones from the CIA to the Department of Defense was by and large received with a shrug. Given that the programme would likely be operated by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and under conditions of strictest secrecy, and probably launched from inaccessible “floating bases” on especially…

Mr Abbas Goes to New York?

Author: Mike Hanini. Source:

When the United Nations General Assembly voted on 29 November 2012 to grant the Palestinian Authority (PA) non-member observer state status, the reaction of many of the most ardent and long-term critics of Israeli settler-colonialism was derisive. The arguments are entirely persuasive: this was a symbolic move by a desperate regime in Ramallah who has…

Issue no. 8 of the Politics Newsletter

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Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at SOAS Department of Politics and International Studies

The Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS, University of London, is accepting applications from candidates for a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. Innovative and theoretically-grounded projects in the Politics of Asia, Africa and/or the Middle East; International Relations Theory and Global Politics; Conflict, Rights and Justice; Comparative Political Thought; Energy Security; Migration and Diaspora…

Congratulations to Zaad Mahmood

Many warm congratulations to Zaad Mahmood who has passed his doctoral viva with minor corrections.  Zaad is currently assistant professor in political science at the Presidency University in Kolkota, India. Our warmest wishes and congratulations, Zaad!

Laleh Khalili and Lisa Hajjar speak on Torture, Drones and Detention

The following is an audio recording of a joint book talk held on 16 January 2013. Laleh Khalili and Lisa Hajjar recently published their Time in the Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgenciesand Torture: A Sociology of Violence and Human Rights, respectively. The event was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and featured a…

Congratulations to Benedetta De Alessi

Many many warm congratulations to Benedetta de Alessi who, on 9 January, passed her PhD without any corrections being required.  Her supervisor, Stephen Chan, and she are both delighted.

Congratulations to Silvia Ferrabolli

Many warm congratulations to Silvia Ferrabolli who has passed her doctoral viva.  Her thesis concerns intraregional Arab politics and she will be returning to Brazil to work.

Congratulations to Sophia Hoffmann

The Department of Politics is very honoured and excited to congratulate Dr Sophia Hoffmann on her being awarded the 2012 Syrian Studies Association award for best PhD thesis for her deeply researched and theoretically grounded thesis titled Disciplining Movement: State Sovereignty in the Context of Iraqi Migration to Syria. Sophia was supervised by Laleh Khalili…

Congratulations to Hanan Toukan

The Department of Politics is very happy and excited to congratulate Dr Hanan Toukan who received her PhD from the department recently has received the prestigious Malcolm H. Kerr Award for best doctoral dissertation in social sciences from the Middle East Studies Association. The title of Hanan’s thesis was Art, Aid, Affect: Locating the Political in…