Afghans in Pakistan face a perilous future

Afghans in Pakistan face a perilous future

Living in Pakistan has become increasingly difficult for refugees from the war-torn state.

By Sanaa Alimia, Last Modified: 29 Jul 2012 14:07

Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan fear attempts to force them from homes in which some have lived for more than 30 years. They say they have dealt with discrimination and harassment at the hand of Pakistani authorities, who no longer “find them useful”, and are anxious for them to face mass deportations before official residency permits expire at the end of this year.

Mass arrests and deportations already took place three years ago. Now individual arrests and deportations, as well as daily humiliations – seen through stop and searches, verbal and physical abuse, and requests for bribes – continue unabated, in what can only appear to be efforts to “encourage” continued repatriation – a policy that is in line with broader US-led aims of winning “hearts and minds” in Afghanistan through “reconstruction” efforts.


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